Boobie’s (Almost) Famous Hooters Tour

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What’s up, Hooter lovers!! Boobie comin’ at cha’!

And I’m here to tell you about my upcoming Hooters Tour 2020!!

I’m planning on hittin’ the road and scopin’ out the Hooters!.. My goal is to hit every single Breastaurant in this good ole’ U.S. of A and Canada too!!..

Why do this you ask? Because I have a thing for succulent legs, breasts and thighs of course!! And I hear the food’s pretty good too.. I’ll be¬†documenting all of the hoopla and the happenings and it’s gonna be off the rails!!

But I need your help.. To make the Hooters Tour possible it takes money.. Good old fashioned American green.. So, I’ve started a crowd funder to help with the costs of such a project.. If you’d like to support Boobie’s Hooters Tour 2020, please click the following link, give what you can and then follow me to Hooters..