The Hooters World Tour has begun and we’re hittin’ all of the Breastaurants of America!

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Hooters’ Culture soon-to-be (in)famous Hooters Tour:

Hey there, all of you Hooters fans out there!

We’re Alex, Tom & Jessi….

And we’re The Breastaurant Boyz And A Girl! And we’re planning to kick off in a hooterific way!…

It’s the almost famous Hooters World Tour!

That’s right, we’re hittin’ the roads and scopin’ out the Hooters!… Restaurants that is! Our goal is to hit every single Breastaurant in this good ole’ U.S. of A and Canada. And yes, we’re talking about Hooters, Twin Peaks, Tilted Kilt, Show-Mes and all the other fine establishments represented in this site.

Why do this you ask? Because we have a thing for succulent legs, breasts and thighs of course! And we hear the food’s pretty good at these places too! We’ll be taking pictures and documenting all of the hoopla and the happenings and all of those hot, hot waitresses and servers. It’s gonna be off the rails!

The countdown starts now so stay tuned for more info and details along the way!… Have a Hoot!

The B Boyz + J